MERA is a software services provider for Automotive, ICT/Telco, Industrial Automation, Transportation, Robotics, and FinTech industries. With MERA, outsourcing means more than efficiency. We deliver experience-based insights and creative solutions that maximize the business value of each project, and we collaborate closely with your team at every step.

Key facts

Our highly professional engineering workforce, deep expertise, and development best practices enable us to build award-winning products and services, while our strategic locations in low-cost markets ensure a high return on investment.

Key facts

MERA history

Key facts

Reasons to work with us


Dedicated departments

Dedicated departments at MERA focus on clients' needs to provide unprecedented support.


The entire lifecycle support

MERA software outsourcing supports the entire development lifecycle.


Top quality engineers

MERA employs engineers directly to ensure the highest quality resourses.


30 years of experience

MERA possesses 30 years of expertise in the communication sector with the industry largest innovators.


Offices all over the world

MERA situates delivery sites in cost-effective locations with world-class engineering talent.

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